Electronic Reporting


If you’re using a New York format to report unclaimed funds, move to the NAUPA format before filing your next report. Only NAUPA-formatted reports will be accepted by our new system, when we convert in 2025.

For specific questions or concerns, go to Contact Us, select “Subject: Reporter Question” and add “NAUPA Conversation” in the comments section.

Report Formats

Complete your annual Report of Abandoned Property in one of the approved report formats described below. After you complete your report, see Report Methods for instructions to submit your report electronically.


National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) Standard Electronic File Format https://unclaimed.org/reporting-software-and-naupa-file-format/. We accept NAUPA formatted reports uploaded via Secure File Upload, SFTP or on a CD, DVD or USB.


Complete your report in an Excel spreadsheet by using the exact format described in the Excel File Format Instructions. Changes made to the Excel File Format will not be accepted.

Excel File Format Guidelines

Excel Template for Unclaimed Funds Report

We accept Excel formatted reports uploaded via Secure File Upload or on CD, DVD or USB.


Use the NYCD format if you have downloaded the software and are still able to utilize it. NYCD is no longer available to download.

  • For NYCD Instructions e-mail [email protected].
  • Enter your data into the NYCD program, then save the file to your local drive and submit your report uploaded via Secure File Upload, SFTP or mail us the CD, DVD or USB containing your report along with a signed Verification and Check List (AC2709).

Report Methods

Submit your Report of Abandoned Property easily and securely using one of the methods below.

Email attachments and magnetic tapes are not acceptable Reporting Methods

  • Upload Via Secure File Upload
    • Securely upload unencrypted NAUPA, Excel, or NYCD formatted reports via Secure File Upload.
    • Request a user name and password by emailing [email protected].
    • Secure File Upload Instructions - NAUPA, NYCD
    • Secure File Upload Instructions - Excel
    • If you submit your report by Secure File Upload, you do not need to mail a separate Verification and Checklist (AC2709).
  • Save the report on a CD, DVD or USB drive and mail it
    • Mail the device along with a signed Verification and Checklist (AC2709), to:
      Office of the State Comptroller
      Office of Unclaimed Funds
      Remittance Control, 2nd Floor
      110 State Street
      Albany NY 12236
    • Protect the device using a password or encryption and email the password or encryption method to [email protected]
  • Online Holder Reporting
  • SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol
    • Available for files over 50MB or with OUF approval.  Approval may be requested by emailing [email protected]
    • Upload accepted files formats (NAUPA or NYCD) natively without encryption software on our Secure File Transfer application.
      • Files are encrypted at rest and uses SSL/SSH tunnel for file transmission.
      • AE256 encryption algorithm.
      • PGP Encrypted files will no longer be accepted.
    • Email for user guide and login credentials.
    • If you submit your report via SFTP you will need to mail in a separate signed Verification and Checklist (AC2709).