Collateral Loan/Pawn Brokers

Pawn brokers, also known as collateral loan brokers, are required by law to file several forms with the Office of the State Comptroller. See the table below.

Business Type Requirements Fee Forms/Resources
New Filing File before doing business. New Filing Fee: $5.00 Collateral Loan Broker’s Registration Statement

Unclaimed Property Forms

Industry Specific Handbook - Pawn Brokers (Collateral Loan Brokers)
Established Filings File an updated registration statement whenever there is a change in the personnel or location. Supplemental Registration Fee: $2.50

Reporting Unclaimed Property and Sales

Pawn brokers, or collateral loan brokers, must report unclaimed property and sales—property and money that customers haven’t returned to claim. For help, use our instructional Handbook with forms and instructions for reporting abandoned property. For more information, see Report Unclaimed Funds to the State.

Rules and Regulations

Official Compilation Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York
Office of the State Comptroller Rules and Regulations