Electronic Fund Transfer Instructions

Use the following banking information when sending an ACH, Book Transfer, CHIPS, EFT or Federal Wire payment to the New York State Office of Unclaimed Funds. If you are unfamiliar with making electronic payments, contact your bank for guidance with the transaction. We cannot debit accounts.

Routing Number 021000021
Account Number 573801479

The following information must be supplied in the addenda record of the transaction:

1. Payment Type – The available payment types are FINAL, ADDTL, AUDIT and ESTIM.

  • FINAL represents a single payment for a final report.
  • ADDTL represents an additional remittance on a previously filed report and payment.
  • AUDIT represents payment as result of an audit.
  • ESTIM represents an estimated payment in anticipation of a later filing.

2. LS (Lump Sum) – Use this only if the payment is to be applied to more than one report.

  • Number of Reports in LS – Add only if LS is applicable: How many reports are covered by the payment?

3. Contact Name – The contact is the person who is most able to answer questions about the payment.

4. Contact Phone Number – The contact number must be formatted as shown in the examples below.

Example 1: FINAL; LS 21; John Doe; 518-555-5555
A lump sum payment covering 21 final reports. John Doe will be contacted if questions on this payment arise.

Example 2: ADDTL; Jane Doe; 518-999-9999
An additional remittance to a single report. Jane Doe will be contacted if questions on this payment arise.

For questions email [email protected] or call the Reports Processing Incoming Unit, (518) 549-2383.

If a physical address is required to complete your EFT use:

Office of the State Comptroller
Office of Unclaimed Funds
110 State Street
Albany NY 12236