Understanding Your Responsibilities: Elected & Appointed Officials

Work-Related and Non-Work-Related Activities

Understanding Your Responsibilities: Elected & Appointed Officials

The governing board must review each entry listed on an official’s record of activities (ROA) to determine whether the entries are appropriate. The board must exclude any duties that are not work-related from the calculation of the average number of days worked per month.

Below are examples of activities that may appear on an ROA. If you have questions about whether a task is work-related, please email our Pension Integrity Bureau.

Appropriate Time

  • Answering constituent phone calls
  • Attending municipality-sponsored events
  • Discussing issues with constituents while out of the office
  • Attending municipality board/committee meetings
  • Preparing for municipality meetings
  • Community activities in partnership with the municipality

Inappropriate Time

  • On-call time (unless called out)
  • Attending campaign events
  • Attending a political party rally/candidate forum
  • Board and committee meetings for private organizations
  • Socializing after legislative meeting
  • Personal volunteer work
  • Services not paid for by the municipality (e.g., wedding ceremonies)

(Rev. 9/19)