Career Plan for ERS Tier 1 Members

(Sections 75-f and 75-g)

Additional Service Credit Under Article 19

Career Plan for ERS Tier 1 Members
(Sections 75-f and 75-g)


If eligible, you will receive one month of additional service credit for each year of service credit you have at your date of retirement or death, up to 24 months. This service can be used to qualify you for a service retirement benefit, the five-year vesting requirement, the ten-year service requirement for the out-of-service death benefit, or an ordinary disability retirement benefit.

You are eligible for the additional service credit provided by Article 19 if:

  • Your date of membership is before July 27, 1976; and
  • You were in active service on April 1, 1999, and continued in active service up to and including October 1, 2000.

“Active service” for this benefit means:

  • Being paid on the payroll;
  • On a leave of absence with pay;
  • On an approved leave of absence without pay; or
  • For teachers and other school district employees, any period of time between school terms and between September 1 and October 1, 2000.