Legacy Reporting

Acceptable Time and Attendance Systems

Legacy Reporting

An acceptable system is one used by the employer to generate payroll and/or keep track of employee accruals. The system should include a signature and attestation by the employee that full hours were worked, except for time charged to accruals for vacation and other leave time. For good internal controls, the system should also include the signature of the official’s supervisor, when applicable, to certify the information is correct. (Elected officials do not have supervisors.) Examples include:

  • Hard copy (paper) time sheets, signed by the official;
  • Electronic time sheets submitted by the official; and
  • Punch cards.


Employees Who Do Not Participate in a Time-Keeping System

Some employees, such as salaried employees or elected or appointed officials, are not required to participate in a time-keeping system; however, it is important to have documentation to substantiate the days reported to NYSLRS, so you must use a different method to determine the number of days to report. These employees should complete a record of activities to validate the days being reported. See the Reporting Elected and Appointed Officials presentation.


Rev. 2/20