Legacy Reporting

Reporting Workers' Compensation Benefits

Legacy Reporting

Workers’ compensation benefits can be paid to your employees in three different ways. How your employees are paid those benefits determines how you report their salary and service to us:

  1. All payments made directly to the member from workers’ compensation, with no salary paid by employer:
    • Tier 1 — Report full salary that would have been paid and corresponding days worked for up to one year for each incident.
    • Tiers 2 through 6 — Do not report salary or days worked.
  2. Part salary paid by the employer and part payments made directly to the member from workers’ compensation:
    • Tier 1 — Report salary paid by employer, workers’ compensation and corresponding days worked that would have been reported had the entire amount been paid as salary.
    • Tiers 2 through 6 — Report only salary paid by employer and the corresponding days worked.
  3. Full salary paid by employer while the member is on workers’ compensation:
    • All Tiers — Report full salary and corresponding days worked. Salary and service should not be adjusted if an employer is later reimbursed by workers’ compensation.

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Rev. 2/20