Reporting Elected and Appointed Officials

Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution

Reporting Elected and Appointed Officials

Just as hourly or salaried positions must have standard work days, elected and appointed officials must have them too.

Your governing board establishes standard work days by adopting and posting a Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution for Elected and Appointed Officials (RS2417-A).

Here is a sample Resolution you can use as a guide if you need help completing the RS2417-A. You must adopt the Resolution at the first regular meeting held after a record of activities (ROA) is submitted, or whenever a new elected or appointed office is established. Prior to presenting the Resolution to the governing board, you may submit a draft to NYSLRS for review to make sure it is completed correctly. You can email it to the Pension Integrity Bureau or fax it to them at 518-486-9577.

You must post the adopted Resolution on your public website for at least 30 days or, if a website isn’t available to the public, on the official sign-board or at the main entrance to the clerk’s office. The publicly posted copy must not reveal any part of an official’s Social Security number or NYSLRS ID. The Resolution must remain available on the employer’s public website or upon request after the posting ends.

Resolution must be filed with the Office of the State Comptroller within 15 days after the posting period ends.


Rev. 5/22