Reporting Elected and Appointed Officials

Forms and Resources

Reporting Elected and Appointed Officials


Forms and Samples

Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution Form (RS2417-A) 
Use this form to establish a standard work day for your elected and appointed officials. Form includes instructions.

Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution Continuation Form (RS2417-B) 
Use this form if you need additional rows when you complete the RS2417-A.

Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution (RS2417-A) Sample 
This resource may help if you have questions while completing the RS2417-A.

Recertification of the Record of Activities (RS2419) 
If your elected or appointed official feels a previously submitted three-month ROA is still representative of the time he/she actually worked, they can submit this form to the governing board, no later than 180 days after taking office, to certify that their duties, responsibilities and hours have not changed substantially.


Additional Resources

Step-by-Step Guide 
This guide outlines the responsibilities of the Official, the Governing Board, and the Secretary Clerk, and provides additional details and deadlines.

Reporting Guidelines (Regulation 315.2 and 315.3) 
Definitions and general reporting guidelines for employers who participate in NYSLRS.

Elected and Appointed Officials Reporting Requirements (Regulation 315.4) 
This legislation outlines reporting requirement for elected and appointed officials.

Record of Activities (ROA) Template
This template allows officials to easily log their daily activities, including the duties performed, the start and end time of each activity, and the number of hours worked.

Record of Activities (ROA) Example 
This example shows one month of a three-month ROA.

Calculating Record of Activities Results and Days Worked 
Instructions for completing the calculations to determine the ROA result and the days worked to put on the monthly report. Includes examples. You can also use our online ROA result calculator and days worked calculator.

Reporting Services Provided by Lawyers and Law Firms 
School districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) are required to annually report lawyers who provide legal services using the online system created by the New York State Education Department. This page provides links and details.

If you have questions about reporting elected and appointed officials, use our help desk form and select “Reporting Elected and Appointed Officials” from the dropdown.


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