Divorce and Your Benefits

Partial Lump Sum Payment at Retirement

Divorce and Your Benefits

Eligible members can choose to receive a portion of their retirement benefit as a Partial Lump Sum (PLS) payment at retirement, in exchange for a permanently reduced monthly pension benefit. They must also elect a pension payment option for the payment of their monthly benefit. Read about eligibility and how a PLS is calculated on our Partial Lump Sum Payment page.

A member with a DRO can choose a PLS option. If the DRO addresses the PLS, NYSLRS will review the terms of the DRO and comply with the Order.

If the DRO does not address the PLS, the member will receive the PLS distribution at retirement and only their portion will be reduced by the PLS election. The ex-spouse’s share will be calculated as if no PLS was taken. NYSLRS will use a hypothetical calculation to determine the ex-spouse’s share to avoid reductions resulting from the member’s PLS election.

If the DRO was approved before April 1, 2008, does not address the PLS and the ex-spouse wants to receive a portion of the PLS distribution, the DRO will need to be revised. NYSLRS will contact the member and the ex-spouse and give them 45 days to return to court and serve NYSLRS with an amended DRO to provide the ex-spouse with a portion of the PLS distribution. Otherwise NYSLRS will process the PLS as described above.


Rev. 2/23