Divorce and Your Benefits

Retirement Estimates

Divorce and Your Benefits

The court may ask for the present or accrued value of the benefits due to a member at retirement. Upon the member’s written request to NYSLRS’ Equitable Distribution Estimates Unit, NYSLRS will provide a one-time estimate of their Single Life Allowance retirement benefit using current earnings and service information.

If the dates of marriage are provided, the estimate will also include the total service credit accrued during the marriage. Include the date of marriage and date of commencement of the divorce action in the estimate request, and submit it to:

Equitable Distribution Estimates Unit
110 State Street
Mail Drop 6-2
Albany, NY 12244-0001

Estimates for members considering retirement will include equitable distribution only if NYSLRS has a signed DRO on file. NYSLRS is unable to accommodate multiple estimates, estimates which are highly speculative in nature (for example, those which project benefits to some future hypothetical retirement date), or pre-retirement estimates of an ex-spouse’s benefit pursuant to the terms of the DRO. Please speak to an independent actuarial consultant, or use the Retirement Online benefit calculator or the Quick Calculator on our website for a projection of anticipated benefits.

For questions about submitting an estimate request, contact our Call Center using our secure contact form, or call 866-805-0990 (518-474-7736 in the Albany, New York area).


Rev. 2/23