XI. Procurement and Contract Management

Guide to Financial Operations

XI.1 Procurement and Contract Management Overview and Policies

XI. Procurement and Contract Management
Guide to Financial Operations

This Guide to Financial Operations was first issued in 2011 to support implementation of the State Financial System (SFS) in 2012. Procurement and contract management policies were consolidated into Chapter XI - Procurement and Contract Management.

An end to end system for accounting, procurement, travel, payments, project costing, financial management, asset management and reporting was implemented through the Enterprise Enhancement 1 (EE1) upgrade to the SFS. Chapter XI of the GFO has been updated to include these enhancements. In addition Chapter XI-A, Section 1- Purchasing Process Overview is included in this Guide to provide SFS purchasing and procurement process guidance to Business Units.

The GFO is a living document and the OSC Bureau of Contracts will continue to update it for relevant legislative and business process changes as they occur. State purchasing and procurement professionals, vendors, contractors, and SFS users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this document and regularly review it for applicable updates.

Notification of updates to this chapter will be sent to designated agency procurement and contracting officials when they occur.

Chapter XI - Procurement and Contract Management begins by providing guidance and general contract processing requirements for submission of transactions to the State Comptroller for approval. Documentation, processes and SFS requirements are all discussed.

The chapter then addresses particular types of contracts and transactions subject to additional or unique requirements or processes. Information to assist agencies in managing and monitoring active contracts is provided. Finally, there is information about the New York State procurement process.

Should additional information or clarification be required on information in this chapter, contact information for the OSC Bureau of Contracts is located in Chapter I, Section 5 - OSC Bureau Contact Information of this Guide.

In addition to the GFO, Contract Advisories are issued by OSC's Bureau of Contracts to address specific topics related to contract transactions in the Statewide Financial System.

To promote openness in State government, OSC created Open Book New York, which provides access to contracts that state agencies and state authorities have with businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and other governmental entities.

Additionally, registered state agency personnel and vendors can obtain contract status information from the New York State VendRep System.

Guide to Financial Operations

REV. 1/16/2020