XIII. Employee Expense Reimbursement

Guide to Financial Operations

XIII.8 Overview

XIII. Employee Expense Reimbursement
Guide to Financial Operations

Section Overview

In addition to travel reimbursements, employees can be reimbursed for other expenses according to collective bargaining agreements, the Division of the Budget Guidance, and other sources. The following contains examples of some of the expenses for which employees may be reimbursed.

Professional Dues and Publication

To be eligible for payment, the membership must be directly related to the employee's professional duties and the activities of the Business Unit, and the activity must provide a benefit to the Business Unit. Generally, the benefit should include the following:

  • Subscriptions to professional journals, newsletters and other publications related to the Business Unit functions or interests,
  • Research services,
  • Access to professional meetings and conferences, or
  • Reduced rates for conferences or training sessions.

A Department head can authorize payment of dues for staff members involved in professional organizations through the SFS Travel and Expense module. The justification for authorizing the payment must include a statement that sufficient financial resources are available and the work of the organization is related to, and advances the professional interests of, the Business Unit. The benefits to the Business Unit should be clearly articulated in the justification. Memberships in an individual's name will be allowed as long as all materials and benefits received from the membership are the property of the Business Unit and made available to all Business Unit employees.

Claims for Damages

Employees may be entitled to claims for damages which are authorized under State Finance Law Article II, Section 8 paragraphs 12 through 12-f.

Other Employee Reimbursements

Employees may be entitled to the reimbursement of certain expenses according to terms in their collective bargaining agreements. Your collective bargaining agreements are available on the GOER website at: https://goer.ny.gov/state-union-contracts.

Miscellaneous Claims

An employee may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred on behalf of their employer. Employers must authorize these expenses before employees incur the cost.

Guide to Financial Operations

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