PayServ Manual

Viewing Position History

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this action is to view the incumbent history for a Position Number. This view displays all the employees who have been assigned to a given Position Number.

Helpful Hints

  • The Current Position Data hyperlink opens a page that contains current information about the position, such as Company, Department, Job Code and Headcount Status.
  • This page is display only; fields can be viewed, but changes cannot be made.

Viewing Position History

Navigation Path

Organizational Development > Position Management > Review Position/Budget Info > Position History


  1. Enter the desired information into the Position Number field.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Click the Current Position Data link.
  4. This hyperlink opens a page that contains current information about the position.
  5. To return to the Position History page, click the Return button.
  6. View the incumbent's pay components data when they enter the position. This information may be blank of the position has no incumbents.
  7. Click the Components hyperlink.
  8. Pay Components are visible – beginning with Amounts.
  9. Click the Controls tab.
  10. View the information on the Controls page.
  11. Click the Changes tab.
  12. View the information on the Changes page.
  13. Click the Conversion tab.
  14. View the information on the Conversion page.
  15. Click the Expand All button to see all fields at once.
  16. Click the OK button.
  17. To view the Position History for another position, click Return to Search button.


The incumbent history for a position has been viewed using the Position History page.