PayServ Manual

Modifying Existing Position Information (OSC, CUNY, UCS)

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to modify position information in the Payroll System. This would include changes to or inactivation of the position.

This task is performed by OSC, CUNY, and UCS staff.

Helpful Hints

  • Most Positions for Executive employees are created by a nightly NYSTEP file from Civil Service NHRP524. Many of the changes to an existing position also come in on the file.
  • SUNY Unclassified Staff positions are created by a nightly file from SUNY Central Office NHRP720. Many of the changes to an existing position also come in on the file.
  • CUNY, UCS, and the Senate create and modify their positions manually directly into PayServ.
  • OSC manually creates and modifies positions for various agencies not covered by NYSTEP.
  • OSC manually creates and modifies extra service positions at the request of the agencies.
  • OSC creates and modifies NYS Positions at the request of the agencies.

Modifying Existing Position Information (OSC, CUNY, UCS)

Navigation Path

Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info


  1. Enter the Position Number.
    NOTE: For searches that do not use Position Number, a single field or a combination of fields can be entered. Populating the Department field on these searches is highly recommended to generate results more quickly.
  2. Check the Include History checkbox to view all rows for the position.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Insert a new row using the plus sign located in the upper right corner.
  5. Accept the default date, or enter the Effective Date indicating the day the modifications take effect. NOTE: The Effective Date of the transaction must be the same as or later than the Effective Date of the Job Code and Position Pool.
  6. Update the Status from the drop down list, if necessary.
  7. Enter the Reason, indicating the reason for the position change.
  8. Select the appropriate value from the Position Status drop down list.
    NOTE: Status Date only changes when the Position Status changes.
  9. Update Line Number if necessary.
  10. Enter Position End Date if applicable.
  11. The Key Position checkbox is not used in this process.
  12. Continue to the Job Information section.
  13. Leave the Business Unit as "NYSPY".
  14. Update Job Code if applicable.
  15. Update Reg/Temp if applicable.
  16. Update Full/Part Time if applicable.
    NOTE: Do not click "Voluntary Reduction" in Full/Part Time. No position at the State of New York is defined specifically as a voluntary reduction position.
  17. If applicable, update the Bargaining Unit, indicating the negotiating group.
  18. Confirm the Union Code.
  19. Update Job Code if applicable. Do not enter values in the Title and Short Title fields. These will be updated by the system if the Job Code is changed.
  20. Continue to the Work Location section.
  21. If applicable, update the Department to which the position is assigned.
    NOTE: Changes to Department require a change in the Position Pool ID, which is found on the Specific Information page.
  22. Update Dept Location, if necessary. NOTE: Company, Dept Location (agency location) and Position Location (employee's work location) fields will populate when Department is changed.
  23. Update the Position Location, if necessary.
  24. If applicable, update the Employee Type indicating the compensation classification: H for hourly, E for exceptional hourly, S for all others.
  25. If applicable, update the Comp Rate Code (Pay Basis Code) used to determine the compensation frequency and compensation rate.
  26. If applicable, update the OT Indicator, indicating whether or not overtime is an option for this position.
  27. If applicable, update the Earnings Program ID, which indicates the earnings codes that the employee(s) assigned to the position are eligible.
  28. If applicable, update the Holiday Schedule.
  29. Continue to the Salary Plan Information section.
  30. If applicable, update Salary Admin Plan, indicating the salary category.
  31.  If applicable, update Grade, indicating the salary range.
  32. Confirm Standard Hours default of "40.00", unless position is for exception hourly employee whose regularly scheduled work schedule is less than 40 hours. Enter the correct number of hours per week. Employee Type on Work Location page must be "E".
  33. If applicable, update Equated to Grade, which indicates the grade equivalent for positions without a salary grade.
  34. If applicable, update Approved Salary Rate, indicating the maximum pay rate for the position.
    NOTE: Approved Salary Rate should not be used if the position is graded or equated to a grade.
  35. Continue to the Specific Information page.
  36. If applicable, update the Max (Maximum) Head Count, indicating the greatest number of employees able to be assigned to the position.
  37. Confirm that Update Incumbents checkbox is checked, if necessary.
    NOTE: When Update Incumbents is checked, the Payroll System automatically updates the incumbent Job Data record and a message will be displayed for each incumbent, asking the user to confirm application of the updates to that employee.
  38. Continue to Education and Government.
  39. If applicable, update Position Pool ID, indicating the funding source for the position.
  40. If applicable, update Jurisdictional Class.
  41. If applicable, update Position FTE (Full-Time Equivalency), indicating the ratio of work time required for this position.
  42. The Adds to FTE Actual Count is not used in the Payroll System.
    NOTE: The Budget and Incumbents page is not used in this process.
  43. Click the Save button.


The position information has been updated in the Payroll System.