PayServ Manual

Entering a Position Change Request

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to change an employee's position within an agency in the Payroll System.

Helpful Hints

  • Before entering a position change, the agency must review the Position Data pages to verify that the attributes of the position match those of the employee.
  • Underfilled positions and Traineeship positions (PR-50) require NYS Position Numbers.
  • Except for the grade and job code, the NYS Position must have the same attributes as the budgeted position. NYS Positions are multi-filled and if different attributes are needed, such as Comp Rate Code, a new NYS Positon must be created to match the needed information.
  • Position changes do not change the status of the employee.
  • Position changes that require Division of Budget or Civil Service approval should not be submitted before such approval is posted in the relevant fields in NYSTEP.
  • Position Changes may be automatically approved based on meeting the editing and approval criteria. Position Changes will only be automatically approved if the Effective Date of the change is after the latest Effective Date on the Job Data record and before the Effective Date of any open request.
  • Positions should not be filled over 100%.

Entering a Position Change Request

Navigation Path

Main Menu >Workforce Administration > Administer Job Change Requests > Job Action Requests


  1. Enter the employee’s Empl ID.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. The Job Requests1 page should appear showing either nothing or an existing request.
    1. If a transaction already exists for this employee that is awaiting OSC audit, insert a new row by clicking the plus sign (+) or Alt+7.
  4. Click the New Posn button.
  5. Enter the desired information into the Eff Date/Seq # field.
  6. Confirm the default of "0" or type a higher Seq # if more than one Action is to take effect on the same Effective Date.
  7. The default value for Action is "Posn Chg".
  8. Enter the appropriate Action Reason for the position change.
    NOTE: If the Action Reason is "CHL" (Change Line), only the Position Number and the NYS Position Number will open. The new position can only change the line item number from the new position. The NYS Position Number must be reentered from the prior row. All attributes of the new position must be the same as the original position.
  9. Enter the new Position #.
  10. Enter or confirm the NYS Position #.
    1. If the NYS Position # is changing due to a promotion or progression in a traineeship and the employee is remaining in the same budgeted position, the transaction is a Position Change even though the budgeted position is not changing. The employee is changing grades and job codes using NYS Positions. PayServ processes payments with the information of the NYS Position.
  11. Enter the Pay Rate.
  12. Enter the Incr. Code and Anniversary Dt, if applicable.
  13. Enter the FIS Amount, if applicable.
  14. Select the Appt. Code from the drop down list.
  15. Enter the Benefit Flag, if applicable.
  16. Enter the appropriate Full/Part Time value, if applicable.
  17. Enter the Part-Time Pct, if applicable.
    NOTE: If new values are not entered for Appt. Code, Benefit Flag, Full/Part Time and/or Part-Time Pct, these fields will populate from the prior row in Job Data once the transaction is inserted into Job Data.
  18. Enter the FICA Status, if applicable.
  19. Enter the Work Schedule, if applicable and differs from the default.
  20. Enter the Tax Loc, if applicable.
  21. Enter a comment in the Status Reason box. Information that must be kept in the employee's permanent record must be recorded in the General Comments page. Refer to Entering General Comments for instructions.
  22. Click the Request button
  23. Click the Save button.
  24. Attributes of the new position will appear at the bottom of the page for review


A position request has been entered for an employee.