PayServ Manual

Entering Regular Time, Overtime or Miscellaneous Payments

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to enter an employee's miscellaneous payments, such as overtime, lost time, uniform allowance, holiday pay, etc. into the Payroll System.

Helpful Hints

  • Agency can only submit earnings in accordance with the Earnings Code drop down list.
  • There are edits in the Payroll System that will assist the agency in the accurate processing of these earnings.
  • Earnings must be submitted by the agency in which they are earned.
  • Earnings must be submitted broken down either by pay periods or by the dates of the effective dated rows for Pay Changes and Position Changes on Job Data, and effective dated changes to earnings on Additional Pay.

Entering Regular Time, Overtime or Miscellaneous Payments

Navigation Path

Main Menu > Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data USA > Time Entry


  1. Enter employee’s EMPLID. NOTE: Empl Rcd Nbr defaults to "0". Verify or change, if necessary.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Enter the first day the payment was earned.
  4. Enter the last day the payment was earned.
  5. Enter the appropriate Earn Code for the earnings type.
  6. Determine and enter the unit of time, days, and/or amount to be paid for the earnings type.
  7. Click the Cmts button.
  8. Enter comments into the Time Entry Comments box regarding the payment, if applicable.
  9. Click the OK button.
  10. Click the Save button. NOTE: The comments on this page will eventually be purged. If permanent comments are required, use the General Comments page.
  11. If there are additional payments to record for this employee, celect the plus (+) sign to insert a new row.
  12. When all necessary entries have been made, click the Save button.


Miscellaneous payments have been added for an employee.