PayServ Manual

Processing a Return from Workers’ Compensation Leave

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to process an employee's return from a Workers' Compensation leave. A return from a leave of absence changes an employee's status in the Payroll System.

Helpful Hints

  • The Reason code used must agree with the type of Workers' Compensation leave the employee was placed on.
  • The Work Percentage field must be verified when reinstating the employee.
  • An employee's additional earnings are continued while on Workers' Compensation leave. The agency should verify that these additional earnings are still valid upon return.
  • If the effective date of the reinstatement is retroactive to the current pay period, RGS in Time Entry may need to be submitted to pay the employee.

Processing a Return from Workers’ Compensation Leave

Navigation Path

Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data


  1. Enter the employee’s EMPLID.
  2. To view all rows, select the Include History option.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Insert a new row - click the plus sign (+) or (ALT +7).
  5. Enter the Effective Date indicating the date of the return from leave of absence.
  6. Confirm the default of "0" or enter a higher Sequence if more than one action is to take effect on the same Effective Date.
  7. Select the Action / Reason list.
  8. Select the Return from Leave list item.
  9. Enter the appropriate Action Reason.
  10. Click the Comments link to record any comments pertaining to the transaction.
  11. Click the Job Information tab.
  12. Confirm the default or update the Part-Time Pct as necessary.
    NOTE: Appointment Code, Work Schedule, and Benefit Flag are not used in this process.
  13. Click the Save button.


A return from Workers' Compensation leave of absence has been entered for an employee.