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Processing a Department Transfer Request

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to transfer an employee from one Department (Agency) to another. The agency to which the employee is transferring must process the transfer request. The Departments must be in the same pay cycle (i.e. Admin or Inst) and Company.

Transfers between Departments with different pay cycles must be done using the Action of 'Termination' to remove the employee from the previous agency, and 'Rehire' to add the employee to the new agency.

Transfer movement to an agency in another Company must be done as a Concurrent Hire to the new agency. The new agency must confirm that the employee is terminated from the original agency to avoid the employee being paid from both agencies.

Before other earnings in the new agency can be entered into the payroll system, the transaction must be auto approved or OSC must approve the transaction.

Helpful Hints

  • It is not considered a transfer when the employee moves from one position to another within the same agency. Rather, this is considered to be a position change and position changes are covered by the Processing a Position Change Request procedure.
  • The Agency must have both the NYS Empl ID and the Social Security number in order to complete a Transfer Request.
  • The action of Transfer does not change an employee's status.
  • The new agency must validate or amend the employee's Tax Location Code on Job Data, as well as earnings on Additional Pay and General Deduction pages.
  • Some Transfer Changes may be automatically approved based on meeting the editing and approval criteria. Transfer Changes will only be automatically approved if the Effective Date of the change is after the latest Effective Date on the Job Data record and before the Effective Date of any open request.

Processing a Department Transfer Request

Navigation Path

Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Administer Job Change Requests > Transfer Requests


  1. Enter the employee’s Empl ID.
  2. Enter the employee’s SSN into the National ID field.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Select the needed record.
  5. The Transfer Requests1 page should appear showing either nothing or an existing request. If there is an existing request, add a new row by clicking the plus sign (+) or Alt+7.
  6. Click the Transfer button.
  7. Enter the Effective Date indicating the first day the employee will begin work in the new agency.
  8. Confirm the default of "0" or type a higher Seq # if more than one Action is to take effect on the same Effective Date.
  9. The Action field defaults to XFR (Transfer).
  10. Enter the reason into the Reason field.
  11. The following fields must be completed in order to save this transaction: Position #, Pay Rate, Benefit Flag, Full/Part Time, and Part-Time Pct.
    NOTE: You must also update the following fields if they are different from the previous effective dated Job Row: Incr. Code, Anniversary Dt, Appt Code, FICA Status, Work Schedule, and Tax Location.
  12. Enter the Position #.
  13. Confirm or enter the NYS Position number.
  14. Position Number and NYS Position Number will always be the same unless the employee is in an underfilled or trainee position.
  15. Enter the Pay Rate.
  16. Enter the Increment Code.
  17. Enter the Anniversary Date.
  18. Enter the Benefit Flag.
    NOTE: This is a required field.
  19. Enter the Full/Part Time indicator.
    NOTE: This is a required field.
  20. Enter the Part-Time Pct.
    NOTE: This is a required field.
  21. Enter the FICA Status, Work Schedule and Tax Loc fields, if applicable.
    NOTE: These fields are optional.
  22. Type information in Status Reason box as needed. If information is to be keep in the record, the information must be entered into the General Comments page.
  23. Click the Request button.
    1. The Status field will change from 'Initiated' to "Requested". If the Payroll System is able to auto approve the transaction, "Auto Approved" will also be displayed. Otherwise, the transaction will be audited by OSC.
  24. Click the Save button.


A Department Transfer Request for an employee has been entered.