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Changing a Paycheck Address

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to make a change to an employee's paycheck address. Perform this task when the employee's paycheck should be mailed to an address other than the home or mailing address specified on the Personal Information page.

Helpful Hints

  • The information in these pages is not required for payroll processing.

Changing a Paycheck Address

Navigation Path

Main Menu > Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data USA > Update Payroll Options


  1. Enter Employee’s EMPLID.
  2. Check the Include History checkbox to view all rows for the employee.
  3. Click the Search button. NOTE: If more than one record matching the search criteria is found, select the correct employee record from the Search Results list by clicking it once.
  4. In the Paycheck Delivery Option field, select either "Company Distribution" or "Postal Service".
  5. In the Distribution Mail Option field, select "Check Address" to affect only the address printed on the paycheck.
  6. Click the Update Check Address link. The Effective Date, Status and Country fields are now editable. NOTE: If the employee has an existing check address, insert a new row by clicking the plus (+) sign.
  7. If necessary, update the Status field from the drop down list.
  8. Enter or update the Country field.
  9. Click the Edit Address link.
  10. The Address fields will then become editable.
  11. Enter the first line of the new paycheck address. NOTE: If the employee's address has a second line, it should be entered in the Address 2 field.
  12. Enter the City of the new paycheck address.
  13. Enter the State of the new paycheck address.
  14. Enter the Postal (Zip Code) of the new paycheck address.
  15. Enter the County of the new paycheck address.
  16. Click the OK button.
  17. Click the Save button. NOTE: The Payroll Options 2 page is not used in this process


The employee's paycheck address has been updated.