PayServ Manual

Processing a Workers’ Compensation Leave

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to process an employee's Workers' Compensation leave. First, the Incident Details and Injury Details must be completed by the agency. This allows the Payroll System to validate the Workers' Compensation benefit for the date of the leave. Next, the employee is placed on a Workers' Compensation leave of absence.

Helpful Hints

  • The Incident Number will automatically be assigned by the Payroll System.
  • The agency must keep a record of the assigned Incident Number.

Processing a Workers’ Compensation Leave

Navigation Path

Main Menu > Workforce Monitoring > Health and Safety > Obtain Incident Information > Incident Details

Main Menu > Workforce Monitory > Health and Safety > Obtain Incident Information > Injury Details

Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data


  1. Click Add a New Value tab.
  2. Do not enter a number in the Incident Number field. An Incident Number will be assigned once the page is saved.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Enter the correct Incident Date indicating the day the accident occurred (DOA).
  5. The Incident Time field is not used.
  6. Confirm the default of 'Incident' in Incident Type.
  7. Select either the 'Is This a Recurrence’ or Resulted in Injury or Illness’ or checkbox, as appropriate.
  8. Click the Notification tab.
  9. Date Reported and Date Recorded are the date you are removing the employee from the payroll.
  10. Enter N number of employee in the “Reported by Empl ID” field.
  11. Use of all other tabs (Description, Location, Travel, People, Reporting) is at the discretion of the agency. 
  12. SAVE.
    NOTE:  Two messages will appear:
    1. 1st – “Warning -- Please enter individuals involved when Resulted in Injury/Illness? is set to YES. If the Resulted in Injury/Illness checkbox is turned on, the individuals who were injured or ill should be entered for this incident.  Please either turn the checkbox off, or enter the individuals involved.”
    2. 2nd - “Injury Date is required on the Injury Detail page for each incident entered.  Please go to the Injury page and add the Injury Details.  An incident data page requires an injury detail page.”
      Click OK to both warnings.
  13. Write down the Incident number.
  14. Continue to the Injury Details page.
  15. Verify that the Date Reported on Injury Details is the first day of the Workers’ Compensation leave. This date will also be entered on Job Data.
  16. The Time Reported field is not used.
  17. Click the Save button.
    NOTE: The Description page is not used in this process.
  18. Continue to the Job Data page.
  19. Click Workforce Administration.
  20. Click Job Information.
  21. Click Job Data.
  22. Enter the employee’s EMPLID. 
  23. To view all Job rows, click the Include History option.
  24. Click the Search button.
  25. Insert a new row - click the plus sign (+) or (ALT +7).
  26. Type the Effective Date indicating the first day of the leave.
    Confirm the default of '0' or enter a higher Sequence if more than one action is to take effect on the same Effective Date.
    Click the button to the right of the Action / Reason.
  27. If this is a paid Workers' Compensation leave, select 'Paid Leave of Absence' for the Action. Otherwise, select 'Leave of Absence' for the Action. 
  28. Enter the appropriate Action Reason code.  For example, WCF- Workers Comp Full for a paid leave or WPS – WC 60% SUP for unpaid leave.
    1. The Action Reason for the leave must correspond with the proper union benefit.
    2. A warning message will be displayed if the Action Reason chosen as the Workers' Compensation benefit is not validated by the system.
    3. Verify and change the Action Reason, if necessary.
  29. If a change to the employee’s work percentage is necessary, click the Job Information tab.
  30. Adjust the Full/Part indicator as necessary.
  31. Enter the Part-Time Pct at which the leave is to be paid.
  32. Click the Save button.  


A Workers' Compensation leave of absence and its associated incident and injury information has been entered for the employee.