PayServ Manual

Entering a Paid Leave of Absence

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to process an employee's paid leave of absence in the Payroll System.

Helpful Hints

  • If the transaction is in the current pay period the system will prorate any derived biweekly earnings or Pre-shift Briefing active on the Additional Pay page.
  • For any transactions effective in a retroactive pay period, since there is no pay status change (pay to no-pay or vice-versa), the Payroll System will not automatically prorate any salary factors in the Additional Pay pages. The payment will be calculated at the percentage effective at the end of the pay period in which the leave is effective. An adjustment must be entered on the Additional Pay page to pay the employee correctly.
  • If an employee goes on sick leave at half pay from 100%, the Full/Part-time Indicator remains "Full-Time".
  • If the transaction is retroactive, the system will automatically recover the overpayment. The agency must enter General Comments to inform OSC how to recover the overpayment.

Entering a Paid Leave of Absence

Navigation Path

Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data


  1. Enter the employee’s Empl ID.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Insert a new row by clicking the plus sign (+) or Alt+7.
  4. Enter the Effective Date of the leave. The effective date is a beginning of business date.
  5. Confirm the default of "0" or type the next higher Sequence number if a prior transaction has taken place on the same Effective Date.
  6. Select the Action list.
  7. Select Paid Leave of Absence.
  8. Enter the Reason code or click the lookup button (Alt+5) and select from the list.
  9. Click the Job Information tab.
  10. Confirm the default or enter the Part Time Pct at which the leave is to be paid as a decimal (ex. 50% = 0.5000).
  11. Click the Save button.


A paid leave of absence for an employee has been entered.