PayServ Manual

Viewing Statewide Job Summary

PayServ Manual


The purpose of this task is to view summarized information about an employee's job history. Statewide Job Summary is used by agencies to review the job summaries for all NYS employees in all NYS agencies.

Helpful Hints

  • The employee's full Social Security number must be known to review this summary. This summary cannot be searched by name, Empl ID, or partial SSN.
  • Agencies must use this summary to determine whether an employee's transaction is a concurrent hire, rehire or transfer, and which is the proper record number to use in processing transactions.

Viewing Statewide Job Summary

Navigation Path

Main Menu > PayServ Custom > Statewide Job Summary


  1. Enter the employee’s Social Security number into the National ID field.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. View the information on the General page.
  4. Click on the View All link to display all rows for this employee.
    NOTE: The General, Job Information and Work Location pages are for online viewing only. All of the fields are populated by the Payroll System.
  5. After viewing the information on the General page, continue to the Job Information page.
  6. Click the Job Information tab.
  7. View the information on the Job Information page.
  8. Then continue to the Work Location page.
  9. Click the Work Location tab.
  10. View the information on the Work Location page.


Summarized job information for an employee has been viewed.